Honeycomb Data Explorer

Honeycomb Data Explorer helps data analysts find and understand patterns between location and other fields in their data.

Honeycomb Data Explorer
Last-mile delivery
Understand factors that drive clusters of undeliverable packages.
EV Fleet Providers
Visualize areas where batteries experience stress and failure.
Find patterns associated with fraudulent transactions.
Illustration of honeycomb embedded inside an internal company dashboard
Embed into Internal Tools
  1. • Simply insert the Honeycomb iframe element into an existing internal site.
  2. • An API URL can be provided for fetching and saving zone information.
  3. • Honeycomb can fetch heatmap information from a customer S3 bucket using a pre-signed URL.
  4. • Honeycomb sits behind existing authentication.
  5. • All computation happens in the browser using WebAssembly

Interested in Honeycomb Data Explorer?

Try the public demo with Paris bike data, or contact us for full access to load your own data and evaluate the tool.

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