Optimized zones for optimized profits.

Logistics and mobility companies use Honeycomb to manage zones and analyze location data to improve their operational efficiency.

A screenshot of the honeycomb tool
Honeycomb Zone Manager
Honeycomb Zone Manager

Honeycomb Zone Manager lets your entire team quickly and easily import, edit, and save areas on a map. Tweak areas and see the immmediate impact as Honeycomb aggregates your live business data in real-time.

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Last-mile delivery
Tweak delivery areas based on package volumes to balance routes.
Monitor live demand and create special pricing areas for large events.
Shared mobility
Use vehicle locations to create daily dispatch zones for maintenance staff.

Honeycomb Data Explorer

Honeycomb Data Explorer helps data analysts find and understand patterns between location and other fields in their data.

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Honeycomb Zone Manager
EV fleet providers
Visualize areas where batteries experience stress and failure.
Last-mile delivery
Understand factors that drive clusters of undeliverable packages.
Find patterns associated with fraudulent transactions.

A modern location interface for operations.

Honeycomb was born out of a struggle to implement geospatial tooling at a large mobility company. Existing solutions were difficult to implement and left internal users feeling frustrated.

Watch a recent presentation at GeoMob Berlin where Honeycomb founder Carston Hernke describes this story and some of the thinking behind Honeycomb:

Powerful new technologies like WebAssembly mean geospatial tools are no longer limited to the architecture patterns of the past. Honeycomb is easy-to-use and powerful while running completely in the browser. This unique architecture enhances security, reduces cost, and eases implementation complexity.

Snappy and responsive

Users feel in control. No waiting for data to update after making a selection.

Built around H3

H3 indexes can be read natively or generated from coordinate data on-the-fly.

Privacy by Design

All processing is done on the client-side with WebAssembly. Honeycomb is fully GDPR and CCPA compliant.

Ready to get started?

Try the public demo with Paris bike data, or contact us for full access to load your own data and evaluate the tool.

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